Bank of America - Tradepoint Atlantic

Sparrow's Point used to be home to the largest steel plant in the world, Bethlehem Steel. It supplied the steel for the George Washington and Golden Gate bridges, many World War Two ships, and was a cultural symbol of America. After 30 years of decay and 30,000 jobs lost, the mill finally shut down and shattered the dreams and livelihoods of this entire suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. Families lost their homes, health insurance, retirement pensions, which had a ripple effect on small business and the surrounding community.

After a series of ownership changes and failed attempts to bring back steelmaking to Sparrow's Point, Tradepoint Atlantic was born and is charting new territory by repositioning the site into the largest global logistics hub on the East Coast. They are environmentally remediating the entire 3,100 acre site and are projected to bring back over 17,000 jobs to the local economy. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a lending partner of Tradepoint, asked us to tell the story of this promising new enterprise through the eyes of the community it is impacting.